– From Facebook, to WhatsApp, Email, and more –

Get you visitors to invite friends from all social media with a live reward system that connects everyone.

A referral based competition system that spreads word across multiple social media, WhatsApp, and Email.


1 MAKES 2, 2 MAKES 4


Your viewers will spread your content on other social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn, and also Email if you give them the right incentive. Our system keeps track of all users participating in a competition and assigns points to them automatically depending on the number of referrals that they get for you, be it through WhatsApp, Email, Messenger or any social media of their choice! You only need to kick start your advertising on one platform such as Facebook, and Get Viral will do the rest for you!


You also get 3 more things


– #1 –


Get Viral collects the email address of every single participant, irrespective of App they are on, be it WhatsApp, Email, Google+, or Facebook or Linkedin. This means that at the end of any campaign instead of just paying for your sponsored advert and being back to square 1, you’re left with a database of users that you can re-target to immediately replicate the effect of your marketing campaign, at no additional costs!


– #2 –

Managed Points = Professional Competitions

Give points to your users for every share and referral they do irrespective of the social media or app they are on! All points are automatically managed by software and displayed live giving your users a real gaming experience.


– #3 –

Live Leaderboard

See who’s winning and what are the top points as you compete to make the game more fun, engaging and viral!

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